Coaching Circles


Coaching circles, also known as Intervision and Case Clinics, is a powerful method of action learning inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, Otto Scharmer (Theory U), and Peter Senge.

This group-based work form is being practiced in organizations, communities and eco-systems as a tool to address personal questions around a specific topic and uses the collective wisdom to support individual’s growth.

In Coaching Circles, groups of colleagues from different departments and levels of seniority come together on a regular rhythm. Following the session protocol, they share personal work-related dilemmas, reflect on them and help each other in findings ways to move further.


How is it done?

Coaching Circles are Groups of 4-5 members that meets on a regular basis for sessions of 75 minutes.

In each session, based on participants’ personal questions, one member of the circle becomes the” case giver” and shares his or hers question during the session. Another becomes the “time keeper” and is responsible for guarding the process, ensuring that the protocol is being followed, and keeping the session within the dedicated time frame. The rest of the members are coaches: they listen, ask clarifying questions reflect their observations and engage in generative dialogue.

Interesting enough, significant learnings occur at all roles in every session


Differences from individual coaching

Unlike individual coaching with an external coach, in coaching circles the members of the group “carry” one another in their developmental processes and learn from each other. Using the combined wisdom of the circle and a generative dialogue, coaching circles allows new and innovative solutions to emerge. 

Coaching circles is a self-sustained regenerative and scalable structure that fosters learning and adaptability over time while requiring little external support.