Coaching Circles

Autonomous self- development groups

Ongoing personal growth by everyone and for everyone


How can I deal with a toxic work culture, unproductive pressure and burn out?

How can I integrate meaningful learning experiences into my day to day work?

How can I co-develop my personal leadership?

How can we build an organic community of individuals in organizations and eco systems?


Coaching circles will address these questions by:

  • Allowing members of the organization to fully arrive at work

  • Deepening conversations

  • Surfacing underlying collective stagnations

  • Fostering openness and trust

  • Building self-leadership capacities

  • Accelerating collective learning

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“Coaching circles helped me to become more open, optimistic, enthusiastic, authentic and to have more hunger to reach my goals”

Participant’s feedback, SANDF


Together we can make it work

Building on experience of implementing coaching circles in different organizations. For example: Setting up coaching circles and facilitate them at Triodos Bank across business units and at the South African National Defense Forces (SANDF).

Over 90% of the participants indicated that they wish to continue to meet for sessions after the program was over, and 87% of the participants will recommend coaching circles to a colleague.

The success of the programs has led to scale up initiatives that aim to reach more members of these organizations.

Building on the experience of setting up the circles and facilitating the process, I would like to meet and discuss how to tailor coaching circles to address your organizational needs


“I learned that I have a lot of great colleagues dealing with similar issues and we can support each other directly on the work floor.”

“It creates a human connection of trust and honesty that would not exist otherwise in daily work”

Participants’ feedback Triodos bank


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